The Farm

A gorgeous design always starts with beautiful product and we’re so lucky to have found many growers and farmers who give us just that. Impeccable, awe inspiring blooms. While we purchase our flowers from talented growers around the country and even around the globe (I’ve been to a hydrangea farm in Holland. Talk about skill and passion!), we at Flowers by Semia (FBS) still LOVE to feel the earth on our own hands. Therefore, on our 20 acre family farm in Lincoln, we strive to grow as many unique and gorgeous blooms as we can. There’s something amazing about growing the product for your own designs—the whole process from seedling to harvest—it makes our art just that much more rewarding and meaningful. This year we’re growing more than we ever have.

A perfect morning for me is walking through the farm before anyone’s awake (coffee in hand of course), filling up buckets with blooms and foliage that we will later design with in our studio. The farm takes us through every season; from the daffodils and hellebores peaking out of the snow, to peonies that perfume the whole property, to dahlias that stand tall until the first frost, to unique evergreens, mosses and branches that we forage for on the property.

To share our very own special blooms with our lovely clients makes all the difference.

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peony season


summer amaranthus + zinnia

Tiffany Medrano Photography