Our workshops are an exceptional gift for those looking to find a special experience for a creative individual. We are happy to offer gift certificates for any individual workshop, and we offer private workshops for friends, families and business team building experiences. Our creative presentation of the gift of a workshop is as special as the workshops themselves.

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Photo: Tec Petaja

2019 Workshops

Spectra – A Color Experience

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”  – Oscar Wilde
As a creative, it is important to evolve out of your comfort zone. To push through your repetitive artistic ways, to challenge your existing design concepts, and to focus on new forms of expression. In the world of design, techniques and trends are always evolving. As a creator of floral art that is deeply rooted in emotion and impact, you must embrace this evolution. A color revolution is on the rise for 2019. The presence of bold tones, unexpected color pairings and creating daring environments is here. In the past few months, we at Flowers By Semia, find ourselves embracing product that we would have overlooked, even just two years ago. We find ourselves yearning to be daring and “floral forward”, by using new materials that highlight the true power of color.
On March 23rd we bring you SPECTRA – a color workshop designed to inspire your 2019 season and beyond. SPECTRA is a full day intensive floral tutorial. You will craft two designs, a large scale arrangement and a bridal bouquet. You will be pushed to embrace color palettes that are foreign to you, as well unique new botanicals that are just now hitting the floral industry. We guarantee that you will use material that you have never worked with before. Learn how to execute Semia’s signature garden aesthetic WITH the addition of outrageous color and untamed product.
 SPECTRA is here to elevate your brand. To show potential clients what you can do when given the chance to truly explore color. If you’re yearning for weddings that push past blush and cream, we invite you to dive head first in to our color revolution. You must show clients what you are capable of when given true creative freedom. Therefore, both of your SPECTRA designs will be professionally photographed for your portfolio. In addition, YOU will also receive a new, professional headshot executed by the talented, Stephanie Alvarez Ewens. Both you AND your work define your brand. They both tell a story. Stephanie will tell your personal story through her lense, while YOU will tell your “color story” through the bold, authentic work you will create in our studio.
In addition to a day of design mentoring, Semia will prepare a detailed document for you, outlining the latest varieties of flowers and foliages that embrace the wildest of colors and textures. She will include how the floral is to be purchased from your wholesaler – stem counts, what is available seasonally, etc.
Join us on Saturday March 23rd to start your season with a new bold and creative approach to your work. This class will run from 9AM to 4PM at our studio in Providence, Rhode Island, with all meals for the day included. The investment for this class is $1150. If you are traveling from out of town, we recommend staying with our friends at The Dean Hotel located in Downtown Providence (not included in cost of workshop).

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Private Intensives

One – on – One Classes:

Learn the art and execution of floral design as taught by Semia. Choose your very own subject material including: handheld bouquet design, low centerpiece and high centerpiece design, color theory, holiday design and decor, or personal florals such as boutonnieres and head wreaths. Whether you’re a novice or simply wish to improve and expand upon your current skills, these intensive classes will bring you to the next level. Refreshments will be provided. Hosted at the Flowers by Semia Studio at 1 Sims Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. Priced by the hour and by subject material.

Group Classes:

Learn the art and execution of floral design as taught by Semia. Choose your very own subject material… examples can include bouquet work, centerpiece design, holiday decor, or personal florals such as boutonnieres and head wreaths. We are here to help you learn anything your heart desires. Group classes are wonderful as alternatives for family gatherings, business team building, holiday parties, and of course for floral studios to develop their team skills. A true sensory experience with cheeses, jams and chutneys from the FBS farm! Beverages are also provided. Groups can range in size from 2 to 20. Hosted at the Flowers by Semia Studio at 1 Sims Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. Priced by hour and group size.

To inquire:    or    401-232-5353